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Man Mistaken For Mummy May Never Have Been ‘Attacked By Bear’

Saturday, 06 July, 2019, 00:10
Man Mistaken For Mummy May Never Have Been ‘Attacked By Bear’

A man mistaken for a mummy was allegedly ‘rescued from a bear den’ after the animal supposedly kept him there for an entire month, however it turns out this viral story may well be false.

The initial version of events was presented to media outlets stating a bear had reportedly broken the man’s spine and tossed him into the back of its lair in Russia’s remote Tuva region in order to save him for a meal at a later date, however a spokesperson at the health ministry in Tuva Republic disputed these details based on medical records.

The man in the viral video states his name as Alexander, and was alleged to have been found by hunting dogs as he was close to death, before being immediately rushed to hospital.

Alexander reportedly told doctors the large animal had overpowered him and kept him in the den for approximately four weeks. ‘The bear preserved me as food for later’, he was quoted as saying as per The Siberian Times.

The now infamous Alexander could allegedly only remember his first name and did not remember his own age. Early reports suggested he told doctors he drank his own urine to survive, with doctors saying it’s a ‘miracle’ he did not die.

The case was baffling. How could anyone survive such an ordeal? Well, the truth may be the ordeal never took place.