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Seda Aznavour: A loving grandson's letter

Monday, 08 October, 2018, 12:45
Seda Aznavour: A loving grandson's letter

Growing up as an American kid I did not know about my papy’s (grandpa) career. I would often wonder why I didn’t see him as much I would have liked and at times I would get very sad about this. Prior to technology, I don’t think I even had a me he was just my Papy. Over time and research, I finally came to the realization of who this man was. I realized he was providing for his family, as well as trying and bringing equality into this world. He was someone who sang in so many languages and affected so many people and cultures...Someone who didn’t care what religion, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, etc. in which you came from...Someone who often encouraged diversity within our own family.

Charles Aznavour born Shahnour Vaghinag Aznavourian. A career lasting over 80 years with 1,200 songs in 9 languages. He helped Armenians, French, the Jews and countless others, but to me he was just Papy.

On Monday, we lost this wonderful man. Half my heart is broken for what I lost, but the other half for what the world lost. Time heals all and right now I’m just trying to support my family as much as I can throughout this process. My Papy preached the importance of family. I can’t tell you how appreciative my family was this week for all the support received via text, Facebook or by calls. The outcry of love makes me realize that I’ve surrounded myself with great people. It helps so much having this support.

As for me all I can do is try to live like his progressive nature and treat everybody with respect and love. He would often say “it doesn’t matter that people remember me, but that they remember my work”. We will remember both mon cher Papy. I will try my hardest to continue the impact you’ve had as best as I can.

I know you’re somewhere having a good laugh with my dad, aunt, Georges and others you loved along the way!

Je t’aime mon petit Papy! A la prochaine fois...