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Niger rebels strip French ambassador of diplomatic immunity

Thursday, 31 August, 2023, 18:06
Niger rebels strip French ambassador of diplomatic immunity

The rebellious authorities of Niger have deprived the French Ambassador to the country, Sylvain Itte, of diplomatic immunity and demanded that he leave the country within 48 hours, the TV channel reported. Sky News Arabia with reference to the statement of representatives of the rebels who seized power in the state.

The Interior Ministry of Niger confirmed to journalists that the French ambassador “no longer enjoys diplomatic immunity, and his diplomatic card and visas have been cancelled.” A source close to the Niger authorities said that the local police had already received orders to begin the process of deporting the French diplomat. The French authorities, according to Sky News Arabia, have already been informed of the situation.

Today, August 30, Al-Arabiya TV reported that the organizers of the rebellion in Niger announced the cancellation of all security and military agreements with France. On August 26, AFP reported that the rebels demanded that the French ambassador, Sylvain Itte, leave the country because he refused to meet with the military-appointed foreign minister of Niger. However, on the same day, the rebels’ application for the expulsion of the ambassador was withdrawn. France believes that “the putschists have no authority” to expel the ambassador.
On the removal of the President of Niger, Mohammed Bazum, the military of the Presidential Guard announced on July 27. Later they were supported by the army command. On August 19, rebel leader Abdurahman Chiani announced the start of a three-year transition period.