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Anti-Putin businessman dies ‘mysteriously’ D.C.

Wednesday, 17 August, 2022, 18:18
Anti-Putin businessman dies ‘mysteriously’ D.C.

A Latvian-American businessman who earned his money in Russia before becoming a critic of Putin has been discovered dead in the US, Russian media has alleged.

Dan Rapoport, an investment banker, is reported to have killed himself in Washington DC in recent days – with the former editor of Russian Tatler magazine saying Tuesday that his dog was discovered in a nearby park with money and a suicide note.

But widow Alena, a Ukrainian virologist, has denied he killed himself – adding ‘there was no note, no suicide’.

She said that an inquiry has been opened into his death, although there does not seem to have been a statement in America that one is underway.

Mr Rapoport resided in DC between 2012 – when he came from Russia during demonstrations again Putin – and 2016, when he went to Kyiv and sold his residence to Ivanka and Jared Trump after Donald Trump’s election triumph.

It was in Kyiv that Mr Rapoport met and married Alena – his second wife – and had a daughter with her.

He seems to have left Kyiv early this year when the conflict with Russia broke out and was spending some time in the US, however it is unknown where he was stationed.

News of Mr demise Rapoport’s first surfaced Tuesday on the Telegram channel of Yuniya Pugacheva, the former editor of Russian Tatler.