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Trump's phone calls are being bugged by Russia and China

Thursday, 25 October, 2018, 17:15
Trump's phone calls are being bugged by Russia and China

President Donald Trump's iPhone calls to old friends and business associates are being monitored by Chinese and Russian spies for information on policy and how the President thinks, American intelligence officials believe.

The President has been loath to part with his iPhone, which he uses to tweet out his responses to the latest news. He also has an separate iPhone that can make private calls, despite US spies urging him to stop using it.

The New York Times reported that American agents believe China is listening in to the President's private calls. While they may not have access physically to his phone, Chinese spies could intercept unsecured calls over mobile phone networks or tap the phones of people the President calls.

Mr Trump has three iPhones, two official phones that have been secured by the US National Security Agency and a further personal phone that he uses to store his contacts.

China has been listening in on Mr Trump's calls in an effort to predict his policy moves to avoid escalating a trade war, intelligence officials told the US newspaper.