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China-Iran ties not subject to the West: China Daily editorial

Thursday, 16 February, 2023, 21:18
China-Iran ties not subject to the West: China Daily editorial

The attention Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's visit to China from Tuesday to Thursday has drawn from Western countries exposes their reluctance to observe normal interstate exchanges as what they are.

China has always viewed its traditional friendship with the Islamic Republic from strategic heights. And consolidating and developing relations is the strategic choice made by both sides.

Both experience and the increasingly volatile international situation indicate that maintaining the sound growth momentum of bilateral ties serves the interests of not only the two nations but also global peace and stability, as President Xi Jinping said, they are both stalwart supporters of multilateralism and steadfast opposers of unilateralism and hegemony.

That lays a solid foundation for them to consistently deepen their political mutual trust, advance steady progress in practical cooperation in various fields, and strengthen their communication and coordination in international and regional affairs in defense of the principle of non-interference in internal affairs and the common interest of developing countries.

The Iranian president's visit creates a valuable opportunity for the two countries to advance their comprehensive strategic partnership and play a constructive role in enhancing solidarity and strategic coordination between countries in the Middle East, which will help promote regional security and stability. The complementarity between the two sides in economy, industrial structure, development stage and culture means there is huge potential and broad space in their pragmatic cooperation to tap, as Raisi acknowledged.

The unilateral sanctions that the West imposes on the Islamic Republic without the authorization of the United Nations are devoid of legitimacy and they should not and will not hinder the economic and trade cooperation between China and Iran, which brings tangible benefits to the two peoples and contributes to the development of the two countries.

As Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin stressed on Tuesday while taking a question on whether the development of Sino-Iranian relations will hinder the development of Sino-US relations, the advancement of the China-Iran relationship serves the interests of both parties as well as the overall stability of the Middle East, and does not target any third party.

It is suggested that those viewing the normal exchanges between Beijing and Teheran with prejudice should bear the bigger picture in mind and value the positive and responsible role China has been playing by helping to ease the tensions between the West and Iran as well as regional tensions in the Middle East by promoting common development through pragmatic cooperation and reconciliation through dialogue. The West should realize that maximum pressure and playing off one power against another will only turn the situation from bad to worse.