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Whistleblower’s identity revealed

Thursday, 07 November, 2019, 21:45
Whistleblower’s identity revealed

It was official of former U.S. President Barack Obama's administration, Eric Ciaramella, who had complained to special forces about U.S. President Donald Trump's pressure on Ukraine's leadership. This was reported by Breitbart with reference to Real Clear Investigations.

Ciaramella was the Director of Baltic and Eastern European Affairs at the National Security Council during Obama’s presidency. He was engaged in the politics of Ukraine. He currently works as an analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency.

He interacted with Ukraine on issues that played a key role in compiling the Fusion GPS’s dossier against Trump. Hillary Clinton's election headquarters and the National Committee of the Democratic Party funded the preparation of this dossier.

As we reported earlier, talks between lawyers for the whistleblower and representatives of the House of Representatives and Senate committees that want to question the intelligence official have all but deadlocked.

Whistleblower's lawyers have voiced concern about his safety and that testifying in-person could expose his identity. They have attributed some of that concern to statements by Trump, who called the inquiry a sham and has suggested that whistleblower committed treason.