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The United Nations is in a 'severe financial crisis'.

Friday, 11 October, 2019, 15:15
The United Nations is in a 'severe financial crisis'.

The United Nations is facing a "severe financial crisis", placing vulnerable communities around the world at risk of missing out on vital aid and stability.

The UN is also facing the prospect of not being able to pay some of its 44,000 staff next month.

At the end of September, only 129 member states out of 193 had paid their dues to the bloc's regular budget - 70 per cent of what the UN needs to run its core operations.

While some countries have since payed their dues, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the regular budget remains on track to reach its “deepest deficit of the decade”.

All UN members are required to make annual payments to help fund the bloc's regular budget.

The amount each member pays is determined by a complex formula factoring in gross national income and population.

The UN said cash shortages are increasingly occurring earlier in the year, forcing it to dip into other accounts and funds.

But the United States, responsible for 22 per cent of the budget, has not.

It owes more than the 63 other countries which haven’t paid - which include Brazil, Iran, Israel and Sri Lanka - combined.

The US owes some $566 million for prior regular budgets and $1 billion for the 2019 regular budget.