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Hayastan all Armenian fund’s telethon-2023 results

Saturday, 25 November, 2023, 14:30
Hayastan all Armenian fund’s telethon-2023 results

On November 23rd, 2023, the Hayastan All Armenian Fund held its 26th annual Telethon under the slogan ''For You Armenia'', which raised around USD 8,4 million as of today. It’s worth noting that the Fund’s worldwide fundraising events are still ongoing, and the results will be finalized and announced at the end of the year.
The donations received for the Telethon-2023 are as follows: Armenia – 552,372 USD, France - 3,250,000 USD, the USA - 3,100,000 USD, Toronto (Canada) - 500,000 USD, Great Britain - 450,000 USD, Argentina – 160,690 USD, the Netherlands – 100,000 USD, Brazil- 92,000 USD, Germany- 66,400 USD, Switzerland- 50,000 USD, Australia – 27,000 USD, Austria- 25,900 USD and Romania- 4,360 USD.
The amounts raised during ''For You Armenia'' Telethon will be used for enhancing the living conditions of our displaced compatriots from Artsakh and fostering development of the border communities.