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Trudeau: Ukraine can count on Canada and the USA

Saturday, 25 March, 2023, 13:00
Trudeau: Ukraine can count on Canada and the USA

US President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, during a meeting on Friday, March 24, declared their intention to support Ukraine “no matter what the cost”, reports CNN.

During a speech in Ottawa together with the head of the White House, Trudeau said that Ukraine can count on the USA and Canada as partners.

“As you well know, Mr. President, Canada will continue to firmly stand by Ukraine, no matter what the cost. Together, we are partners that Ukraine – and the world – can count on,” he said.

Trudeau recalled that Canada supplies Ukraine with artillery, ammunition, armored vehicles and tanks, trains Ukrainian military personnel since 2015 and imposes sanctions against the Kremlin regime.

In turn, Biden emphasized that the Russian dictator Putin did not achieve his goals in Ukraine, and “the love of the Ukrainian people for their country will win.”

“Let’s confirm once again that we will support the torch of freedom that burns brightly, and we will support the Ukrainian people,” he added.