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Aliyev: "France must apologize"

Thursday, 02 March, 2023, 13:24
Aliyev: "France must apologize"

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev during the Summit-level Meeting of the NAM, which is being held in Baku, Azerbaijan called on France to apologize for its colonial past.

“NAM always strongly supported the unquestionable sovereignty of the Union of Comoros over the island of Mayotte, which continues to be under the colonial rule of France. As reflected in fundamental NAM documents, we call on the French Government to respect the rights of the New Caledonian people and other peoples in French overseas communities and territories,” Aliyev said.

He alsocalled the territories outside Europe under French control the «nasty remnants of French colonialism», and added the NOM calls on France to apologize and admit its responsibility for its colonial past and bloody colonial crimes and acts of genocide against NAM member countries in Africa, South-East Asia and other places,” the head of state underlined.