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Four exit polls put ruling party at 41-55%

Saturday, 31 October, 2020, 23:10
Four exit polls put ruling party at 41-55%

Exit polls commissioned by Mtavari Arkhi, Formula TV and Rustavi 2 say the ruling Georgian Dream party received between 41-53% in the proportional part of the elections.

The results are as follows:

Opposition-minded Mtavari Arkhi-commissioned exit polls as of 6 p.m. conducted by IPSOS:

  • Georgian Dream-41%
  • United National Movement-United Opposition election bloc-33%
  • European Georgia-5%
  • Lelo for Georgia-4%

Exit-polls by Edison-Research, commissioned by Formula TV:

  • Georgian Dream-46%
  • United National Movement-United opposition election bloc-28%
  • European Georgia-5%
  • Lelo for Georgia-3%
  • Girchi-3%
  • Alliance of Patriots-2%
  • Strategy Builder-2%

Rustavi 2 commissioned exit-polls

  • Georgian Dream-52,26%
  • UNM-United opposition-25,33%
  • European Georgia-4,20%
  • Lelo for Georgia-2,61%
  • Girchi-3,52%
  • Strategy Builder-2,37%

For the first time, the elections were held per a mixed electoral system, with 120 members of parliament (MP) to be elected via party lists and the remaining 30 running in single-member majoritarian districts.

An election bloc or party which receives less than 40.54 per cent of votes (less then 76 seats in the 150-member parliament) in the proportional elections will not be able to form a government.

Unlike previous elections, the parties which will receive at least one per cent of total votes will be allowed into parliament.