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Andrea Bocelli about Charles Aznavour

Tuesday, 02 October, 2018, 10:25
Andrea Bocelli about Charles Aznavour

Charles, you have always amazed us with your art and brilliant irony.
Just a few days ago on my birthday you told me: “60 years old, you are so young Andrea! I was once 60 too... but that was 30, actually 34 years ago. I hope to see you soon!”.
The truth is that you were the youngest of us all and despite a career that spanned almost a century, you were always ready to perform in concert, anywhere, anytime.
My fondness and respect for you will never diminish and your passion for this job will always lead by example for me: “If you want to be loved by the audience, you must love the audience”, this is what you used to say, and indeed, you undoubtedly infused this art with an incredible amount of love.