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Zelensky's message on Ukraine war anniversary

Friday, 24 February, 2023, 12:06
Zelensky's message on Ukraine war anniversary

Ukrainians are “invincible” and will do everything to secure “victory” for their country in 2023, President Volodymyr Zelensky has said in a defiant address to mark the first anniversary of Russia’s brutal invasion.

Mr Zelensky said his people are “strong” and “ready for anything” as Russian President Vladimir Putin launches another offensive in the east after suffering a series of setbacks in a faltering campaign that his military strategists believed would be finished in a matter of weeks.

“On February 24, millions of us made a choice,” Mr Zelenksy said. “Not a white flag, but the blue and yellow one. Not fleeing, but facing. Resisting & fighting” “It was a year of pain, sorrow, faith, and unity. And this year, we remained invincible,” he added. “We know that 2023 will be the year of our victory!”