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Why Boris Johnson must publish Russia report

Monday, 18 November, 2019, 15:30
Why Boris Johnson must publish Russia report

Chris Bryant rightly reminds us of Russian cyber-attacks on targets here and how Conservative governments have allowed Russian “dirty money” to enter the country as he called on Boris Johnson to come clean and publish the cross-party intelligence and security committee’s report on Kremlin meddling in Britain (Tories ‘have deliberate amnesia’ over Russia’s UK meddling, 14 November).

If Jeremy Corbyn had blocked a parliamentary report on attempts by Putin’s Russia to interfere in British politics, we could be sure that opposition MPs, egged on by large sections of the media, would seize on it as evidence that we cannot trust the Labour leader to protect Britain’s national security. A Conservative prime minister is now suppressing evidence given to the committee by the intelligence agencies about the activities of hostile forces. Perhaps we should ask whether a Johnson government can be trusted with protecting our security.