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The Egyptian president wants to remain in power until 2030

Tuesday, 16 April, 2019, 17:05
The Egyptian president wants to remain in power until 2030

As the world watches the peaceful revolution that is changing Sudan in awe and amazement, it is clear that in Egypt, Sudan’s neighbour to the north, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi is getting nervous. On the same day as the protests in Khartoum reached a head, several of us who oppose Sisi’s autocratic rule launched an online petition to declare any result from Tuesday’s referendum on proposed constitutional amendments “void”. It is reported by The Guardian.

Among the amendments Sisi is trying to force on the Egyptian people is a provision that could allow him to remain in power until 2030. The amendments would also increase the control of the military, which would be given powers to police the political sphere in Egypt. They would also give Sisi control over the appointment of judges and the public prosecutor.

In typical Sisi fashion, the website was blocked in Egypt after reaching 60,000 signatures in the first few hours of its launch. The voting was then moved to encrypted messaging app Telegram. Even then, Sisi’s team was able to block access, which led to another page being created. It has now become a cat and mouse chase to block and re-open websites. There are now more than 250,000 signatures. The apparent full force of the Egyptian government is not able to fully silence the true will of the people.

Indeed, whatever it is that Sisi and his regime are trying to achieve by curbing social media use, targeting activists and even changing the constitution, seems to have had the opposite effect. Social media is more buzzing now than ever.